I’ve got smarts (book, street), strength (pillar of), and funny (noun).AudreyH_1106v3_WEBRES

I’m an actress and writer with a degree in Drama from Stanford University (Eleanor Prosser Prize for Performance and Scholarship) who you might have seen guest-starring on FOX hit show “Bones,” doing yoga wearing yogurt pants in a sketch on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, AudreyH_1157v2_WEBRESfashionably covered in dirt in an international Swiffer campaign, or as a sexy hot-pink horse in Collected Works’ production of “The Balcony” at San Francisco’s Old Mint. Maybe you heard me read my work on National Public Radio’s Forum or at Skylight Books in Los Feliz or saw me walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.  Or maybe you just know me from the gym!       Resume   IMDb