“Minimalisa” Dog

Who needs to meditate or do yoga for hours when you can directly access the deep wisdom of a guru?  Minimalist Lisa figures out her guidance comes in canine form.

“Minimalisa” Sitting

Permission granted by Minimalist Lisa to cease standing and actually sit down.  Because there are reasons about why that’s okay and just fine as a lifestyle choice.

“Minimalisa” Dance

Minimalist Lisa can’t be bothered with gym fees and definitely wants to get out of debt.  Here she’s put together some simple lifestyle friendly dance moves you can try at home (preferably to Ben Rector’s “Brand New”).

“Minimalisa” Paleo

By now you know Minimalist Lisa is all about trying new things to upgrade her lifestyle, so naturally she turns to the Paleo diet.  And what she’s certain is the Paleo wardrobe.  Deep reflections on getting to 100% ahead.