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Look at me and my best buds hanging out on Broadway x Broome, with Odie being a dope as always!!

If it weren’t for my grumpy knees, laugh lines, and internalized systemic misogyny, would I even know I was turning 40?!?!? Join me at queer literary hot spot Book Show in Highland Park on Saturday December 14th for a reading of select essays, poems, and odd comedy bits that might feel tedious if you do not enjoy my sense of humor but will not go on too long because I am a considerate person. This will be just like if I had a book coming out except I will not ask you to please spend $26 on a hardback, angst about sans serif fonts, or cry in the bathroom.

Come at 7:30 PM to nab a seat. Plus ones cool. Reading starts at 8 PM. THEN COOKIES!!!!!!

Book Show: 5503 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042. Street parking.

(If you are very very fantastic you will RSVP so I can look forward to seeing you)