I once auditioned to play the role of a woman drinking a glass of chocolate in a GEICO commercial wearing this dress.

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All sessions are held over Skype, with links to the session sent just prior to you over email; and are meant to be one-on-one conversations (no guests).

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This Witch

I am a graduate of the Mystery School of Pamela Eakins, who generously allowed the Stanford Drama major who introduced herself to the curated group as “Wooo, I am a ghost” to stick around and learn the occult teachings of the Tarot, astrology, numerology, and Kabbalah by heart; a resident psychic once sequestered to the basement of an East Village Wiccan bookshop where a seven year old judged me for not owning a scythe; and a wordsmith capable of evoking and speaking the truth that triggers an open door to your dreams come true. Visitation by a talking frog optionally included in any session (his name is Fred; he wears a cotton wig studded with pearls, and he will check you if you need). I would like to thank my membership in the neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ communities for all of the best gifts that I was given and will share with you.

Magick Spells

Are you over guidance that fits inside a meme? Skipping supposedly spiritual words that have lost all meaning and what I’ve come to think of as “women’s magazine advice,” I will provide you clear insights in my down-to-earth style. All readings are co-created by you and me; and emerge most powerfully when you show up with specific questions and receptivity to what we discover.

Tarot Readings

Insights on your questions that you can actually put into practice, informed by my 25+ years experience reading cards, my no-nonsense New York City public school upbringing, and my glitter-deer-enamored-by-the-forest-clearing vibes.

One hour $222

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Read more about my approach and code of ethics here.

Timeline Jumping

Ready to leap into the next phase of your personal evolution? Together let’s dissolve your old story into the void. Through the method created by Pea the Feary and tailored to my unique power to make the mystical feel as grounded as hot buttered toast, I will guide you in merging with your desired next self. Come open and available.

One hour $222

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