“Yoga Ghost”

yogaghostDo I look like a woman from yoga class who’s now a ghost and wants to stalk her friend in the most perky, supportive way possible?  Because that was 100% the goal when I filmed a comedy short with director/writer Anne Rene Brashier on Leap Day. BOO!


SoCal Honda “Dads Lounge”


This summer I was in my second SoCal Honda commercial as a Helpful Honda Guy (let’s make that a gender-neutral word), in both the English and Spanish cuts of the spot. We gave out massages, haircuts, beard trims, and tool kits! Here’s where I would link to the YouTube versions if they were still up (better late poster than never). Pictured above: two out of four of the HHGs in our sweet, sweet outfits. And some cool bearded dads, yo.

“The Gaybysitters Club” at Out Here Now

GSC Out Here NowWe *are* in Kansas, Toto! “The Gaybysitters Club” was a finalist in the running for best comedy short at Out Here Now in Kansas City, MO. We screened on June 24th and haven’t gotten notice that we won the rainbow-loving dog in the photo…but still a little bit holding out?

“The Gaybysitters Club” at Inside Out

inside out film festival 2019
On Saturday June 1st in a screening room in Toronto, the Inside Out Film Festival rolled out “The Gaybysitters Club” in a lineup of six shorts under the theme I CAN LOVE YOU BETTER. Wish our cast and crew had the funds to jet to Canada but let Canada come to us, you know?


The Joy and Peril of Self-Taping

IMG_5144Over the last few years, production has put such time and resource pressure on casting directors in Hollywood that they now often ask us actors to tape our auditions ourselves, rather than in their offices. The blessing is that sometimes this means we can avoid both a long drive to Santa Monica and getting cut out of the audition process entirely (if we don’t have “a name” or a top tier manager). The struggle is that we’ve gone from being actors who learn lines and develop characters for performance to also being lighting technicians, space designers, camera ops, film editors, and the kind of friend who really, really needs you to come over later this afternoon to be their reader. This week as I pulled together a sixteen page series regular audition for a pilot, including casting one of my best friends to do his best as a sparkly eleven-year-old girl, I felt incredibly grateful to have developed the ability to handle all these demands at once. And hopeful, too, that casting will be able to look past the imperfect intersection of my foundation and fill light skills to see my performance.

“Thank You Come Again”

Lauren White, Becky Poole, and I just casually hanging out early morning in West Hollywood.

Catch this queer and inclusive web series created, written, and directed by fellow Stanford Drama nerd Chelsea Steiner (and shot by our classmate Kalilah Robinson, cinematographer extraordinaire). Watch the whole thing and peep me in episode five as a bridezilla with her pack of bridesmaidzillas. We’ve been making the festival circuit and winning awards, but you can view on YouTube (search “Thank You Come Again: The Web Series”) and see the hilarious cast of characters played by comedy geniuses including Carolyn Jania, Danielle Perez, Tara DeMarco, and Carter Ray.

“The Gaybysitters Club”


At the end of September, I starred in writer/director Savannah Dooley’s funny and tender queer parody of the classic beloved Ann M. Martin series “The Babysitters Club.” When I read those books to pieces back when I was a kid, I never thought of myself as sporty, outspoken Kristy; I was nerdy like Mary Anne, artsy like Claudia, and from New York like Stacey. Getting to play this character’s coming out story was very meaningful to me, and getting to work with an all-female, queer and/or trans or non-binary cast and crew was like filming Disneyland for all of us.

SoCal Honda “Hiking Oasis”

IMG_4507Second commericial audition of the year + first time in awhile into casting office AHC + improv = cast in two of SoCal Honda Dealers’ charming Helpful Honda Guys/Random Acts of Helpfulness spots. The English version can be seen here: https://youtu.be/E77ZBnOE9To and the Spanish version here: https://youtu.be/rPNidnQ9Q3g. Spending Earth Day with a rad crew up on a gorgeous mountain trail giving chair massages to happy hikers surrounded by all their dogs was the best. These commercials are now airing in Southern California!