“Minimalisa” Water

You!  Guys!  Newly proclaimed minimalist Lisa is pretty sure she has big ideas about living simply.  In the very first video on her YouTube lifestyle channel Minimalisa, she explains the importance of water.

“Helen & Grace” Episode Four

Whether you’ve attempted to learn about the Paleo diet or another specific nutrition plan, or tried to get fit with your friends, this display of exercising with bacon is for you. Watch Helen and Grace take CrossFit to a whole new level in “Fuel Up.”  Prepare to have the stamina of a wildebeest and the face skin of a child butt.


“Helen & Grace” Episode Three

Do you sometimes work really long hours, but still want to get a workout in?  Watch Helen and Grace master handstand push-ups, one nap at a time, in “Stand For Something.”  Coach really ought to have more faith in their methods.  Rest day officially earned.

“Helen & Grace” Episode Two

Watch Helen and Grace explore their primal ancestry through CrossFit, one animal at a time in “Animal Instincts.”  Well, attempt to, at least!  Chalk it all up to beast mode.  If you want your own feminist tank top or thunderbolt pants, check out our guest-star Angel City roller derby superstar Micki Krimmel’s fitness line for badass lady athletes of all sizes, Superfit Hero.

“Helen & Grace” Episode One

In episode one (“Meet Helen & Grace”), Helen and Grace become new best fitness friends at a gym called Superiority Complex when they each decide to take their workouts up a notch.  A rich fantasy life can get you results too, right?  Finger exhaustion is real.

“Helen & Grace” Teaser!

When Helen and Grace ditched their prior attempts at exercise to venture into a CrossFit gym, this is what they saw.  Holy potatoes, catalog shopper!  Please subscribe to us on YouTube (definitely counts as a workout).

Audrey & Molly & Helen & Grace

My comedy partner—improv pro Molly Wilbanks from iOWest—and I are solidly in preproduction for our new webseries “Helen & Grace.”  Helen and Grace love CrossFit…they just don’t want to work out that hard.  And so they come up with very creative ways to get around the demands of what’s capable of creating and crowning the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth.  They’ll never make it to the Games at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, but they would be worthy of a Reebok sponsorship for their ability to modify.  Watch them on Funny or Die and YouTube next month when they land!  We’ve got Ryan Lagod and Craig Tovey as our director and DP and Andy Crocker as our casting director, along with a pack of hilarious actors and badass CrossFitters.  There will be burpees, bacon, and bear crawls.  Shave your calluses, chalk up, and see you there!