IMG_6438When the incredibly talented writer Savannah Dooley came to me with her script for parody short “The Gaybysitters Club” and asked me to play the lead, I was thrilled. Same when she came back again and asked me to help produce! My favorite aspect of producing is always casting, and between the two of us we wound up with a stellar group of female, queer, trans, and POC actors and crew (with plenty of Venn diagramming therein).

We had our premiere at Inside Out in Toronto, and so far have also screened at Out Here Now: Kansas City LGBT Film Festival. Updates en route!

Cast: Audrey Dundee Hannah, Atsuko Okatsuka, Lindsay Hicks, Fiona Lakeland, Pia Shah, Scott Turner Schofield, Brittani Nichols, Julie Morgantaler.

Crew: Savannah Dooley, writer/director; Aubree Bernier-Clarke, DP; Chelsea Steiner AD/Script Supervisor; Clarisse Castelo, production design; Lynn Millspaugh, first assistant camera; Avery Hudson, second camera; Ada Douglass, sound; Yancey Pon Franco, boom operator; Rachel Stolte, hair/makeup artist; Sallie Merkel, costumes; Lynn Sternberger, PA; Parker Lemal-Brown, PA; Ashley Obinwanne, PA.