Drama Reel

Activist-me urges her fellow renegade to not give up on ending a third world prostitution ring. CrossFit-novice-me insists she’s more than capable.  Bossy wife-me argues with my husband about our psychological issues.  Lawyer-me argues with my mother post-synagogue about her prescription abuse.

Comedy Reel

Kristy calls an emergency Babysitters Club meeting. Minimalist Lisa mourns the loss of her potential “blog deal.” A drunk bride bowls at the Pleasure Chest. CrossFitting Helen explains green chard.

Helen & Grace YouTube

Helen and Grace love CrossFit.  They just don’t want to work out that hard.

Audrey Dundee Hannah YouTube

My web series “Minimalisa” and “Conclusions to be Drawn From the Internet” and my episodes of comedy news web series “This Day Today.”